Thursday, March 30, 2006

It's choppy on the water this evening...

I have the boat out on a charter tonight and I talked with the captain, he said it's quite choppy. I'm sort of a nervous parent tonight... this is only maybe the 2nd time I've ever sent the boat out without being on it. I came down with this crud that apparently has been making the rounds. I've had it quite mild compared to some I've talked with. I thought I was going to make it through it without missing a day, but last night was one of those nights, although I do actually feel much better now than I thought I would, I've probably found the right combination of over the counter drugs. I'm working tomorrow morning unless tonight turns into a night like last night.

We did a manta trip on Tuesday and had one manta, it sounds as though there aren't any tonight though. Yesterday we had one certified diver and one unrelated intro diver, so that means 2 diving crew and a captain. I stayed on board for both dives since I wasn't sure if my ears could take it.... wouldn't you know it, the certified diver and guide saw a WHALE UNDERWATER. Apparently it came to within 15-20 feet of them, "close enough to see the barnicles on her mouth" according to the DM. Apparently the whale had a baby swimming on it's back. Sorry, no pics from anyone as it all happend very fast. I'm jealous. One of these days, maybe I'll see one.

This is a Trembling Nudibranch we found on a deep water mooring.

Goodnight... hitting the hay early tonight,



Marcia said...

I found your blog on be - and I like it!

Only one suggestion - because of all the pictures, it takes forever to load! Maybe if you archived your posts every week, instead of every month, or limited the amount of posts on your front page (which blogger allows you to do - say, only 10) it would be faster.

Thanks for all the beautiful coral pictures!

Steve said...

I had Blogger set to only show the last 15 "DAYS", which should mean 5-7 posts. Apparently it was being generous and going back more like a month. I've reset the preferences to "posts" to see how that works. Thanks for the idea. I've got cable and a gig of RAM so I don't notice any speed issues, I tend to forget that it can load slow.