Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Non-diving related restaurant review....

Well, the Hawaiian Style Cafe in Waimea did not dissapoint. It turns out it did sell back about 8 months ago but no major changes, that I noticed at first glance anyway, were made.

It's basically a plate lunch place with some more local style food. I had the "sweetpork", which was more or less a korean steak type of concoction but maybe a bit less bite. I did take the camera, so here it is. There's 4 fairly large peices of meat on that plate overlapping each other, probably in the 3/4 to 1 pound range total. With the rice and potato mac the plate ran $7.25. I haven't found anywhere else that gives you that much food on your plate lunch. I wish they had one down this direction. I may have to check out the place that took over Billy Bob's Park and Pork, you never know. Anyway, I was full 'til late in the evening.

Pat and I made it to the underwater photo club meeting tonight. The video presentation was actully of the Marshall Islands around Majuro, rather than the Solomans. I was happy to see it because I'm particularly curious about this destination as it's only a 5 hour or so flight from here. Very interesting.




Johnny Wadd said...

That looks delicious!

Steve said...

It was! They put out consistantly tasty food, not just big food. My wife even enjoys eating there.