Thursday, March 02, 2006

Nice day of scuba diving in Kona today.

Today we dove Suck'em up and Turtle Pinnacle. I'm not sure if I've described Suck'em up, sorry for the repeat if I have already. This is one of the dives in the now treeless "Pinetrees" (which were actually mangroves, not pinetrees) area. Suck'em up is a 60-70 foot long lava tube with skylights which has a large opening (probably could handle a Humvee or two side by side) on one end and an opening on the other end which is only large enough to handle one diver at a time. When there is any surge at all, the small opening can act as a venturi and will alternately push or pull a diver who lingers in the opening. Hence the name, you need to approach the opening, swim against the current at the opening, and then it will reverse and flush you out of the tube. If you don't kick away from the opening immediately, it may suck you back in. How much this happens depends on swell direction and size. It can be a fun, although short, ride sometimes. I played Captain on the first dive. Apparently they saw a juvenile Flame Angel, dragon wrasses and other such goodies ont he dive.

I dove Turtle Pinnacle with the group. This was by far the best viz I've had here in a few months. I wish it had been sunny and clear skies, but we're seeing clouds from the downpours they've been having on Oahu and Kauai. The turtles were in and being cleaned. I've had pretty good luck there lately, there was a time last year I was beginniing to wonder if it was starting to peter out as a cleaning station. I found an adult Flame Angel so I'm hoping it's set up a territory and I can find it regularly.

Water temp is still 75 degrees, but it feels warmer than 2-3 weeks back. Guess I'll have to call it a warm 75 vs. a freezing 75.... My computer only gives out odd numbered temperatures so I guess it's probably never right on the money when it comes to temperature.

Here's a pair of tobies, which are basically a small puffer.



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