Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Totally gorgeous weather in Kona and Hawaii yesterday

Here's a shot from my living room on a similar day (figured no need to take a pic I already had) earlier. We've been having lots of clouds the last 3-4 weeks while some of the other islands have been having a ton of rain. It's quite unusual to have even 4 or 5 days straight of clouds here so the sun was quite welcome. We're back to some gray skies today, although the morning was quite nice.

I'm going to be quite busy after tomorrow with charters for a while. Tomorrow I get to go in for an MRI on my neck. I've had occasional pain and tingling in my right arm for about a decade (bothers me for a few weeks and then goes away for a year or two). After about 4 months of it this time, I went to the doctor and he wanted to investigate further... Guess I'm gettin' older despite quite possibly being in better shape than 12-13 years ago.

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow though... I'm getting it done up at North Hawaii Community Hospital in Waimea (I live 8 minutes from Kona's hospital but this one is supposed to have a nicer machine) and I can go see if the Hawaiian Style Cafe is still the same as it used to be. This place is AWESOME, but I haven't been there since I quit the carbs (40 pounds in 6 months) a few years back. I'm back on the carbs and have added 15 pounds, so I might as well hit it again if it's still open(I heard a few months back it was up for sale).

I first heard of this place on the Travel Channel on a show called "Girl meets Hawaii" with Samanta Brown. I thought maybe the plates they showed on TV were just for TV, but that's not the case. It used to cater to the paniolos (Hawaiian cowboys - long story, but Hawaii actually had true cowboys before the American west did) and they really know how to put out a plate of food for 5-7 bucks. Fred Flintstone would eat there if he were on vacation here. I better take my camera... I won't order breakfast, but they used to serve a $5.35 breakfast on two fifteen inch oval plates that had two big piles of rice, a lot of hashbrowns, a big pile of scrambled eggs they referred to as "2 eggs" (must've been goose eggs) with 12 pieces of bacon (no kidding) and 2 pancakes roughly 12" across. The first time I went there, there was a bunch of people in the restaurant who'd never been there before either, and with each plate that came out there was laughter when it was set down in front of them because the servings were so huge.

Afterwards I'm going to work my way back into town and try to make it to the underwater photo club meeting where one of the Captain/Instructor/Guides I know is going to do a video presentation on the Soloman Islands.

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