Wednesday, November 23, 2011

OK, the earthquake was a 3.8 down near South Point...

Not as strong or close as the 4 pointer up the mountain from us on Sunday. Pat felt it, I was on the boat at the time.

Small earthquakes are common here. I haven't felt one in ages though. Here's a link: Hawaii earthquakes



Ah, felt that earthquake a minute ago...

Thought I was losing my touch, there'd been reports of relatively local quakes the last week I hadn't felt at all. This on felt like someone jumped up and down real hard behind me. Over in a fraction of a second. I'll post later what strenght and where it was located.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fare alert. JFK to HNL $212 each way. Hawaiian announces new New York City to Honolulu flight....

Just saw this. Through the 20th of November Hawaiian is offering this price on their newly announced air service, good for travel June 4th through June 30th of 2012. Leave NYC at 10 am, sipping Maitais in Honolulu at 3pm (Hawaii time)... Kona and it's great scuba diving is just a 45 minute flight away! Here's a link

Friday, November 11, 2011

Back from the mainland....

Whew, the last half of October was crazy busy, charters every day with some days running double charters. On the 30th I took off to Florida for a rondevous with my wife, who'd been visiting friends and family earlier in the month, and a visit to the dive industry show put on by DEMA.

Florida is a couple of loooong flights from here. Not sure if I'm hot to do that one for the dive show for a while. We went this year largely to get away, and I also needed to take some repair technician classes that I can't get locally as well as go to several other seminars that I was interested in.

The show seemed pretty well atteneded. Pat and I thought it was one of the more crowded first days of the show that we've seen in several years. Hopefully things are picking up in the industry. Many of the "big" companies had smaller booths the last couple years in comparison to say 3-5 years back, and dive travel seemed to take up a larger portion of the show than a few years back.

The single busiest company kiosk I can recall was the GoPro camera booth. They had introduced a new HD camera called the Hero2, with a wider angle of view, faster frame rate, brighter color and higher megapixel still camera, and were selling them like hotcakes. They sold out in the first 2 days and then sold out their remaining older HD model in the next day. It looks like an interesting little camera. They're introducing an underwater specific housing early next year. Current models are waterproof, but the optics are more for above water use and apparenlty have some focusing issues. The new housing will have a flat oversized port that will allow for focusing without vignetting.

After the show we took an airboat ride (have wanted to do that since watching Gentle Ben as a kid) and spent a couple of long days at the Disney parks. We tried to hit all of the major rides. Rides there are fairly tame compared to many coasters at other theme parks. Expedition Everest does a pretty good job, largely because there's a backwards portion. I do have a fear of heights issue that popped up out of nowhere when I was 28 years old (still can't figure out where that came from) and the only ride that really got me uncomfortable was "Soaring" at Epcot... where you're essentially riding a glider through California. You are strapped into a seat which they raise up into a concave screen that more or less surrounds you with the film. You're probably 15-20 feet off the floor, but that was enough to get me white-knuckled for the first 2-3 minutes of the video. It was a cool ride/show, and I'm glad I did it, ONCE - I wasn't up for a return flight.

Yesterday was a good day of diving. I'm lightly loaded for the next little bit so I'll try and take the camera down and start catching up with photos and videos for the blog while I can.