Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Hawaii is finally back to it's normal weather pattern...

We're back to that great weather we're famed for, it's about time. I'm still a bit under the weather from that bug I caught. I've had my crew doing the diving when we've been out. We haven't gone out since the weekend, getting a little slower now that spring breaks are ending, but I've got a few things lined up for the last half of the week.
I thought I'd try something a little different the other week at the end of a fun dive. I decided to hunker down and try to keep still enough to take some pictures in the surge zone. These were taken at a spot right next to the entry/exit point at the Place of Refuge. The surge was strong enough to push me around but the fish seem to handle it just fine.
At high tide lots of the herbivorous fish swim up into the surge zone to feed off the algae on the rocks and corals. It's amazing how much fish life you can find in 6-18 inches of moving water. In these photos you should be able to see all sorts of surgeonfish doing their thing (eating). From what I understand, surgeonfish (also known as tangs) don't really store body fat like most animals so they pretty much eat constantly.
If you ever see them in aquariums you'll usually see the keepers have left a leaf of spinach, kale or romaine lettuce rubberbanded to a rock or coral so they have something to graze on. Without it they tend to emaciate and grow unhealthy.




Kris in Hawaii said...

Nice to see photos of the surge zone!! I assume you are talking about off Two Step, where we paddle. Maybe one day I'll see you there?

I've also had the bug and am just now getting over it. It really lingered and lingered.

Hope you don't mind if I steal some of these photos, will give you credit, as always.

Steve said...

Thanks Kris,

Yeah the pic were right in the shallows next to "2 step". I don't go there much except for when I'm out on my own for fun. If I ever see you guys paddling I'll introduce myself.

You're always welcome to use the pics. I've run across one or two that people have "borrowed" in the past. As long as the source is linked I don't mind at all.