Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Latest news about the possible artificial reef shipwreck in Kona Hawaii

Well, I wasn't able to make it to the community meeting about WHARF's proposal to place a shipwreck off a South Kona site as an artificial reef. West Hawaii Today had a front page article Click here on the meeting and apparently there was vocal opposition.

The article moved me to write my very first letter to the editor. It may appear in the paper in a couple days, but I'm not going to link it, if you are curious you could read WHT's letters for a couple days, I suspect I won't be the only one and there will be voices from either side. While I would directly benefit from this wreck, I'm trying to see both sides of the argument - what get's me is the amount of knee-jerk reaction this proposal has received without even looking at the results of comparable projects in other areas. Do a search on the Speigel Grove in Key Largo for a comparable wreck and draw your own conclusions. I can understand rejecting the proposal based on factual environmental issues or a community desire not to grow, but it would be nice to deal with facts rather than accusations. It won't surprise me if I get a return letter critical of my points in a few days if my letter makes it in.

I'm glad I'm not directly involved with the project. I'll be curious to see if those involved are disheartened by the meeting.

Here's a nice sunset from the house. There's nothing like a good sunset to relax you.



Andrew said...

Came by through BE. GREAT sunset, very inspiring!

Rose DesRochers said...

Hello Steve, I surfed in from BE too. I just wanted to let you know that I was here.

Steve said...


Thanks for the comments. We get some pretty darned nice sunsets here on occasion.