Sunday, March 12, 2006

A different kind of Hawaiian eel

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I was looking through some older files on my computer today and found this clip. This is a Mustache Conger Eel (Conger cinereus). These guys are interesting. When you find one, if it's in a nice well defined hole, it'll probably be there for a long time... I've got one or two I've been visiting in the same spot for 4 years now.

Some people like to try to work at scratching these guys. Man, you've got to be careful. I've seen these eels catch a fish about the size of a human hand at night... you can hear the fish bones snapping and in two or three good crunches they've got it going down their throats.

They do seem to be curious. This one reminds me of our dog when I'm eating ice cream or something real meaty... In your face! It also reminds me of a sock puppet.

I'm trying something with the video code. The last one's I posted automatically started, apparently that chews up RAM and some people didn't like getting slowed down. Hopefully the change will make it so it'll start when you hit the play button. I had to hit the play button a couple times to get it to work, once it starts to buffer it's good to go.

Edit note: The delayed start seemed not to work consistantly and impacted it's ability to play at times so I changed it.



PS: I added a couple of things to the sidebar recently. There's a basic dive poll you are all free to answer, and a current Kona time and weather button... click on it and you can get a weather report specific for Kailua.


Anonymous said...

Great vid, Steve! We're planning a trip to Kona in '07 for our anniversary, and will be sure to look you up. Nice site!

Steve said...

Thanks, I hope to see you next year.