Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Overcast skies, but flat water in Kona today...

I guess Kauai and Oahu are getting poured on this evening. I've been seeing flood warnings and weather alerts on the TV. We had a couple of sprinkles earlier today but that's about it.

We had a night dive last night. There were no mantas. Bummer. Last year I was skunked twice that I can recall (we don't go out as often as some of the more established companies, and we tend to not go out if there are no mantas showing at the time). There were 6 mantas a couple of nights ago and we saw 4 when we went out last week. Oh well, you can never count on mother nature. We still had a very nice night dive according to the passengers... I Captained the night dive and my other Instructor lead the dive.... they saw spiney lobsters, slipper lobsters of a couple varieties, lots of shrimp and a few types of crabs, as well as lots of eels. It's always nice hearing people who've done several liveaboards in the Caribbean say this was one of their better night dives even without the mantas showing.

The fish I posted is called an Orangemouth Lizzardfish. They don't do a heck of a lot other than sit around. They do have a pretty good appetite and every now and then we'll see one with a tail sticking out of it's mouth.



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