Thursday, May 01, 2008



Anonymous said...

Got my morning chuckle. Thanks

Auto Shipping to Hawaii said...
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Steve said...

Someone wrote above "on a business trip there soon and want to go scubadiving. e-mail me it sounds like a blast. great pics!" The link to the poster was a business website. I think it was a thinly veiled ad/spam attempt. If not, my apologies for deleting you, feel free to click on my Wanna Dive link and e-mail me direct with any questions.


Neutral Dive Gear said...

Haha, great photo!



Steve said...

Thanks everyone.

Corporate Relocation said...

I always sign my posts with my company website. Just because I did that does not mean it's spam, man. What it does mean is that I am a businessman who plugs his company when he can. It's called networking, marketing, advertising - good business practice. A lot of people do it and it shouldn't be a problem, but i'm sorry if I offended anybody. Anyway still looking to give diving a whirl.

Steve said...

The post I deleted above basically said something along the lines of... I'll be there on a business trip, sounds like a blast, e-mail me... then the link left went directly to a company that specializes in shipping automobiles to Hawaii. There was no name left by the poster, no direct link to a contact, the posted website did have a link to contact them about shipping autos to Hawaii. Sounded very much like SPAM to me.

If you were the individual who sent this, it would be nice to get direct contact information, including a name, when you are going to be here, and what you are specifically interested in doing. That would be best served by e-mailing me direct through my website linked on the border to the right of my posts.

Sorry to delete your earlier post, but I'm starting to basically either ignore or delete posts with direct links, especially those to non-related materials, blogs and such because I've had problems with companies posting pure SPAM on a regular basis and I'm trying to nip it in the bud early.