Tuesday, May 06, 2008

A bunch of mantas at the Kona manta ray night dive tonight...

We did the manta dive tonight after doing the morning trip also. I'm making this post quick, gotta hit the hay for a few hours and get up for tomorrow's charter - we've been staying quite busy despite being the slow time of year.... How slow is it you may ask... this last Saturday the only other dive charters I saw on the water were the two companies that service primarily Japanese clientele and two companies that have been here for over 25 years. Saturdays seem to be generally a slower dive day because it's a travel day or "the last full day in Kona so I'll do something other than dive" day for a lot of people. We've been going out consistantly, be we are running a bit light (as far as number of divers on the boat) often, going out with a light load beats not going out at all though.

Here's a scorpion fish I took a picture of on a night dive a couple weeks back. With the night time coloration it's tough for me to tell if it's a Decoy Scorpionfish or a Speckled Scorpionfish right off hand without scrutinizing the books.

Quick update on the weather.... Vog is down - Yahoo. It's nice seeing the horizon again after not seeing it for a while, and we were able to see Maui from the water yesterday. We've had nicer skies the last few days, although we are seeing late afternoon winds and rains.



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