Saturday, May 24, 2008

Two thumbs up for Keei Cafe in Kealakekua

Pat and I went to Keei Cafe on the spur of the moment last night. We hadn't been there in a couple of years, but it's the same place it's always been in our opinion. I've heard reports of sporadic service issues, but we've never experienced them in the least here, unlike many of the places we've eaten in Kona.

We loaded up on pan seared ribeye steaks, which come with julienned veggies and your choice of mashed potatoes or rice. They have a limited menu, generally steaks, a few fish items, a half chicken, pork chops, fajitas and some salads and soups as well as deserts, but all are very good and have a good presentation. Prices and portions are quite reasonable, especially in comparison to resort restaurants we've eaten at. I think the highest priced item on the menu was about 23 bucks, and would go for much more up north at the resorts. They have a full bar and we tried their mai-tais... interesting and delicious.

The interior of the restaurant is quite nice, although the view is lacking as it's located right on Mamalahoa highway (or Hawaii Belt Road, according to thier info... we basically have 1 highway that goes by several different names), but the interior ambience and the food more than make up for the lack of view. I'd go as far as listing Keei Cafe as one of the nicer restaurants on the west side of the Island we've been to.

A brief note.... they identified 36 manta rays at the dive site the night I took the video in my post a couple of posts back. There's no telling if there were more mantas milling around that night they didn't get on video. If you stumble on this post and haven't seen the manta ray video, you owe it to yourself to look back a couple of posts and watch the video... it was an amazing night.



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