Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Bee's-eye view of Kona coffee....

It's spring time again, we've had a little rain and now the coffee is blooming all around our area. We'll probably see the coffee load up with flowers at least a couple times a year depending on what the weather's doing. A couple months after the flowers are gone, the green coffee bean will start to show and then later as the coffee bean turns red it will be ready for harvest.

Kona coffee is prized by many as some of the best in the world as it is hand picked, as opposed to machine harvested. This leads to a finer grade of coffee, surpassed only by the coffee bean picked by Indonesian marsupials - Click here if you don't believe me - Civet cats pick only the ripest coffee beans, eat 'em, then the remaining specially pre-treated bean is harvested off the ground by locals and sold in the US for upwards of $300 a pound - and to think people cringe at the price of Kona coffee!

I'm personally not a coffee fan, but if I was hosting some kind of a coffee drinking party, it'd be a tough choice... Kona coffee or the specialty Indonesian stuff???



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