Thursday, May 15, 2008

Pawai Bay, Kona Hawaii....

Pawai Bay from Steve on Vimeo.
This video is actually a hair outdated as I took it a couple of months ago when the whales were still here... and the water's generally flatter now. Pawai Bay is one of our many great dive sites. There are 6 moorings in the area, with two more at a site just to the south. It was one of the first marine preserves over here, and being protected there are a lot of fish in the area. Features of the sites are nice rocky walls, some caves and archways, nice reef, and a great dropoff into deep water where seeing something big can happen on occasion.

Currently the diving conditions are GREAT!!! I've had double charters the last several days so I stayed out of the water on my day off today... but it was hard to do as the water is sooooo nice right now. The water temperature is still sitting at 75-77, but it's flat as all get-out during the mornings with a bit of a chop in the evenings the last few nights but just fine underwater.

We've had some really nice dives the last few days... saw 2 dragon morays on a single dive a couple days back, Cathy and her group saw THREE frogfish on a single dive yesterday, and we had 3 eagle rays the other day. Fun, fun, fun.



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