Thursday, May 08, 2008

Frogfish everywhere....

Perhaps it's just me, but it seems as though we're seeing a lot more frogfish these days... yahoo. There was a period a couple years back where it seemed as though I hadn't seen a frogfish in 2-3 years. So far this year we've been seeing them a lot (by lot, I mean several times a month). You never know why some fish seem to disappear for a while, I'm hoping seeing frogfish regularly is a trend that continues.

I found this little guy at a divesite right outside the harbor. It was on a non-descript coral head, so there's little chance I'd find it again if I tried, at least not in the same spot. This one was probabaly about an inch and a half long, smaller than a golfball anyway. They can get huge and tend to pick up colors to blend into the scenery as they grow.

One thing I didn't notice as I took the photo that I noticed after I looked at it later.... you can see it's little "fishing rod"!!!! Take a look at the center of it's forhead, above the mouth and between the eyes, and you'll see a little bump with what looks like a hair with a feather on the end coming out of it. Frogfish are a member of the angler family and have a lure they use to attract victims to in front of them. They'll hang out motionless, wiggle their lure, and when a small fish approaches to investigate they'll inhale it in a single gulp... sorta like me and Burger King Whoppers.




Neutral Dive Gear said...

Not sure if you have seen this story yet, just doing our little part to spread the word.


Keep diving!


The Right Blue said...

What a great face shot! I've had the same experience as you with frogfish: All or nothin'!


Steve said...

Thanks guys.