Saturday, June 30, 2007

Woke up at 4am to a full moon over Hawaii this morning....

For some strange reason I woke up at 4am today. The moon was full and I decided to try taking a picture with the little Olympus sp-350. It has a night function, and as long as I held it steady against a post it did fine... probably about a half second exposure, the first few attempts were blurry, once I figured out I needed to keep it flush against the post a picture finally turned out.

Not much to report right now. Just thought I'd post the pic.




Karen said...

Great picture

Christie said...

Nice pic :)

Paros Shepherd said...

Hi, Check out my Spotted Sea Hare post a couple days ago.


B. N. Sullivan said...

You awoke at 4AM for some strange reason? Nope -- not strange at all. I'll bet it was the moon. Its bright light woke us up before dawn here on the Kohala Coast, too!

Nice photo.