Thursday, June 07, 2007

Water temp's climbing back up....78-79 the last few days.

I'd been out of the water for a couple of weeks and have dove the last three days. I should have known by the rain we've been seeing in the afternoon up mauka that the water temp has jumped upward, but I had to see my computer to be sure. I had 79 degrees on my dives the last three days.

I've been running charters on a friend's boat, mine's taken apart for the next few days. I can't wait to get it back, I've been turning away a fair amount of last minute business, and as it turns out, my frined is leaving town for a week and the boat won't be available. Right now the boat's up on stilts and the engine is out. I'm just waiting for my mechanic and the boat surveyor to get together and make sure we have a workable plan for extending the hull, then things really get moving on the boat.

We had some really nice dives the last few days. Sharks, turtles, spinner dolphins on the dive (the divers even got to see them jumping in and out of the water from beneath) and a bunch more neat things.

Here's a couple of Peacock Groupers (Cephalopholis argus) getting a cleaning by a cleaner wrasse. Called "roi" locally, these grouper were actually introduced by fish and wildlife back in '56-'58 or so back in the day they thought it was a neat idea to introduce non-native species. Now they are everywhere on most of our reefs.

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Racquel said...

I've been wondering for the longest time why these fishes are called Groupers... I love to see water creatures but too scared to dive in the deep, vast bodies of water. and yeah, I don't know how to swim... =( anyway, thanks for another useful entry. :)