Friday, June 01, 2007

Apparently the manta dive is hopping....

I haven't actually been out on the night dive for a while, but it's started to pick up again and I thought I'd pass it along. They've been seeing good numbers lately after a very slow spring. They apparently had eight mantas tonight.

Well, the boat work is scheduled and hopefully I'll be back on my boat by the third week of the month. It should be pretty close, but there's a ton of work we'll be doing. I getting pretty excited about it. This is a major job that'll essentially give me a new boat without having to spring for a whole new boat. We'll be removing the old engine, exhaust, outdrive and the engine box, removing all the wiring, ripping up the deck and replacing it then rebuilding the cockpit/deck area and adding bench seats, all new wiring, building the hull extension/swimstep/outboard engine mounts to the existing transom and putting on a couple of reasonable sized 4 stroke outboards. We replaced the fuel tank with twin fuel tanks earlier this year. In the end I should have more usable space on board, as well separate engines, fuel and electrical systems and likely a better and more powerful ride. It should be a big step up in maintenance and reliability issues too. I'm looking forward to it, hopefully it'll be a while before I want to upgrade again... but if boats are anything like cameras... not wanting to upgrade isn't a certainty... Pat and I are both already eyeballing new cameras and we've only had our last ones a year or so. I need a new camera like I need a hole in the head.

So I guess I'm semi-out-of-the-water for now, at least off of my boat. I've got charters lined up next week on a friend's boat, and a bunch of stuff lined up later in the month that I'm hoping my boat will be ready for. I'll have a backup plan at any rate.

The picture above is of a small scorpionfish in a coral head. If you take the time to look in coral heads, they often have something unusual hiding out inside.



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