Monday, July 09, 2007

I found this unusual fish the other week....

The rare Hawaiian golden glass fish... OK, so it's probably someone's geocache stash. I was down with a couple of divers at 90 some odd feet a couple weeks back and looking for some critters that used to be under a rock I know of and saw the yellow in the shadows... Oooh, I was excited to get closer and see what it was. Turns out it was some kind of table ornament. I figure if I spent enough time on geocaching websites I could find out who put it there. Evidently geocaching is a fairly popular among the GPS using crowd - hide an item and take the coordinates, post them and then the next person to find it replaces it with another trinket, or something like that. I was tempted to take it, because funny enough, my wife has two of the exact same thing (except blue and red in the gut) that she picked up at Pier One somewhere sitting on our table at home.... Stupid me, I should just have swapped one of them out for the yellow one and seen if she had noticed.

I've been away from the computer for a while, hence no posts. I came down with a nasty bug for 3 days that had me pretty much in bed, luckily on days I had no charters, then I've had charters and... computer troubles. This one is working sporadically, I'm doing mail on the new one, I've archived all my files on an external hard disk but I'm still trying to work out an issue with the video card on the new computer - frequent blue screen of death when playing media files type stuff - before I decide to transfer everything or take it back.

The boat is coming along, all too slowly for my tastes, and I think it'll be ready some time during a real busy week I have coming up at the end of the month. In the meanwhile I'm running charters off a couple of friends' boats. That arrangement keeps them, Bob and I busy, but doesn't help much with the bills I'm running up... unfortunately expenditures don't stop when you're out of the water in this business... but the boat's taking shape and it'll all be worth it in the end. The bench seats are essentially done and they were working on building storage where the engine used to be this morning. I've decided I'll post pics of the finished product when it's done, as it definitely a work in progress right now and doesn't look like much at this point.

We've had absolutely beautiful weather the last several days. The vog has been gone for 2-3 weeks now as the volcano stopped for a while. You couldn't ask for a more gorgeous time to be in Kona as we had enough rain the last month or two to green everything up.... Those who've been here lately are seeing it as we all think of it.... green land, blue skys and seas.

We had five mantas last night on our charter. It's been zip for mantas the last 3 nights up at Garden EEl cove so my friend took the group to the Sheraton site and had good luck.




donna said...

We missed seeing the Mantas the other night (the 13th) on our Garden Eel dive, too. We'll tell Jack's they are hanging out at the Sheraton!

Guess we'll have to come back again. Oh, darn.

Steve said...

They've actually had them up at Garden Eel Cove the last couple of nights, not so sure about down south. You can never guarantee where they are on any given evening, in general, Garden Eel Cove is the better site.