Sunday, June 17, 2007

Been getting some rain lately...

We've been getting some rain lately in the afternoons all over Kona. They even had pretty good rains at the airport on Wednesday and Thursday eves, the airport might see 10-15 inches of rain a year. Today was quite nice though, although we've got north winds (I haven't watched the news lately, but it's probably from whatever front brought in the rain).

Thought I'd put up a little manta update since I haven't posted one in a while. They apparently had three tonight. It's been pretty darned good the last few weeks. We went out the middle of last week and had 8-10 on the dive, and it hasn't let off much since, although tonight's number was a bit down. I've got a night charter planned for Tuesday on my friend's boat... can't wait 'til mine's finished with the rebuild.

This eel is a Stout Moray (Gymnothorax eurostus). We see them relatively frequently on dives here, although not with the frequency of a few of our other species of eels. They're not as large as some, that may play a part in not seeing them as often as whitemouth or yellow margin morays. Usually when we see them they are a darker coloration than this one. They can vary from very brown to quite white, this one is quite light compared to most.

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