Thursday, June 14, 2007

Cool find today at the Place of Refuge...

I hadn't seen these in about 4 years, but apparently there's a bit of a bloom of them right now, at least down at the Place of Refuge. I noticed them on the sand. You'll likely need to click on the photo to get the larger photo just to see them.

These are Siphopteron quadrispinosum (I haven't found a common name). I thought they might be some type of bubble snail, but apparently they are a slug. They are very tiny, with the biggest ones probably running less than an eighth of an inch in length... real tough for me to get a picture of.

I've been very busy lately, what with working at the airport 4 days a week, diving 4-5 days a week and checking on boat progress. I told my work to consider me unavailable after this Sunday. The boat and the business need to take priority from here on and once the boat is ready I can't let the airport job cost me charters. I tentatively have employee number 2 lined up, I think I can keep Bob, this person (to be named later) and myself busy once the boat's back in the water.

The water has definitely warmed. I was seeing 81 in the shallows at the Place of Refuge, I didn't check it at depth, but it didn't seem cooler.



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