Monday, May 28, 2007

OK, the news is.... Pat and I are expecting.... Twins!

One is not enough, so we're going for twins!!! Twin engines that is. Remember a couple posts back I said I might have news. Well it's about the boat. My boat has a single inboard engine that has been a source of occasional frustration ever since I've had it. I've finally come to the conclusion that it might be better to have two sources of frustration than one, but the likelihood of them both giving me troubles at the same time is very very low... that'll be a huge relief in itself. I've been waiting on financing before knowing for sure I could do it... it's a big job, but not near as much as a completely new boat would cost.

The financing's set so now it's time to get together with the mechanic and the fiberglass guy and get it going. When it's all said and done, it'll have a ton more room inside since the inboard engine will be gone. With any luck it'll also have a better ride and performance.. yet to be seen, but in theory it should be a nicer ride. While we're at it we're replacing all the electrical and giving it a paint job, it'll essentially be a new boat.

Hopefully I haven't jinxed it by commenting too early, but the chickens are essentially hatched in this case. I'll have updates as work progresses. In the meanwhile I've got to get the work scheduled, I've already got coverage with another friend who'll run charters off his boat when needed. We'll see how long this takes.

So here's a video of a Conger Eel I posted about a year ago. It was with another carrier than Youtube and doesn't seem to be working, so I thought I'd go for a repeat.



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