Monday, February 08, 2010

Terriffic scuba diving conditions in Kona Hawaii today...

We had very nice day on the water today. The water was glassy flat, there were dolphins outside the harbor on the way out, we had to alter course for whales in our path on the way to Golden Arches, a couple times, underwater viz was well over 125 feet, whales were singing during the dive.... and more.

After the first dive
we had a whale and her calf come up pretty darned close to the boat. The calf was rather boisterous.... repeatedly breaching for a few minutes. I took this photo of a splash close to the boat... missed the whale itself, then ran out of space on the CF card. After deleting a few older photos I managed to get a passable shot of the calf breaching in the distance, it was quite a ways away by this time.. We moved on to Turtle Pinnacle (not a real hotspot for turtles these days, but it's still a great dive) for the second dive. Viz was a bit down in comparison to Golden Arches, but still great.



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