Saturday, February 27, 2010

Here's the 5:45am NOAA tsunami warning supplement for the state of Hawaii...

1:30 The harbor's been reopened apparently. Boats are returning. Other than the evacuation and business closures, the tsunami was pretty much a non-event here in Kona.




12:03 Finally, found a live stream... you have to click on the live streaming link.


Update11:41am. The radio station I'm listening to is reporting the water is receding in Hilo Bay around Coconut Island.


Update 11:05am HST Nothing so far according to the radio station overlooking Hilo Bay. The county water supply has turned off the water in the evacuated areas to prepare in case anything happens.


Update 10am HST: I'm down at the dive shop across from Honokohau Harbor. Met up with a lot of fellow boaters getting their trailered boats to higher groud. Looking out at the ocean it's full of boats sitting a half mile out or so ready to ride out any surge if it occurs, looks like a big regatta. The shoreline drops off deep rapidly around the Big Island so if you get out a half mile you can be sitting in 2000 feet of water, most tsunamis are not more than a big long bump in the water in those depths but become very dangerous when they hit shallow water.

The tsunami sirens have been going off hourly all day. We talked to some friends down in Napo'opo'o, which is on the water, that said their sirens weren't working... not good if this occurs in remote communities.

It appears there was a pretty orderly evacuation of downtown Kailua. I came in to town at 8:30 to get the boat and traffic leaving the area was minimal. By the time I was leaving the harbor with the boat they had the area blocked off and were only letting people in to move their boats.


They do state to expect wrap around on all islands. I'm glad I don't live on Hilo side at this point, gonna be hectic over there this morning.


chicago girl said...

My husband & are due to fly into the Big Island tomorrow evening. Very concerned for everyone involved. Not sure if we will be able to continue our travel plans. Right now I just pray for everybodys safety.

Lori from Chicago

Steve said...

I wouldn't change travel plans just yet. We'll have a good idea in two or three hours, hopefully it'll be nothing to minimal damage.


Anonymous said...

Keep us updated Steve! I've been looking for webcams and finally found one sort of near you. It looks pretty calm at this point. - Kate

Pua said...

Hawaiian Islands got a big scare with Tsunami warning. As sirens are used really seldom and cautiously, it was a tough awaking at 6am Saturday morning for Hawaii visitors and residents. Big relief when the big wave did not show up after hours of waiting and watching the ocean! Good thing though Hawaii was prepared!

Aloha Pua
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