Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Gorgeous morning in Kona Hawaii today...

I pulled over to take a quick shot coming into work this morning. We've had a bit of a breeze the last 2 or 3 days that's blown out all of the vog. I was hoping for a great sunset, but we've got a bit of a front coming in.

We're into the heart of the slow scuba season right now. From what I've seen, lots of the boats aren't running full, if they're running at all. I've got a bit of a lull myself, looks like no charters through the weekend unless I get a phone call. I go with just two divers, I may be one of the few that does, so it doesn't take much to get my boat out for dives. The booking inquiries are starting to pick up for March and May... that's a positive thing... the January/February slow period seems to happen every year for me.

We had a manta charter the other night. Numbers have been a bit on the low side, there were two that night, and we've had to go to the Sheraton site to find mantas. Everyone's hoping the plankton picks up at Garden Eel Cove soon so the mantas come back there. It comes and goes, that the way it is, but when it's thick, the site is thick with mantas.

I'm down at the shop again today. I'll probably be spending quite a few days this upcoming month there. It's looking pretty good. I've got internet at the office, so I've been spending some of my time reworking my Kona scuba diving website a bit in hopes of regaining some search engine karma after switching website URL names in November. That's coming along now too, starting to get e-mails and phone calls generated from the site again after a bit of a slow time.



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