Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Scuba diving with wild spinner dolphins in Kona Hawaii...

Went scuba diving... dolphins swam by from Steve on Vimeo.

It's uncommon, but every now and then we're lucky enough to have dolphins swim around us on dives. A couple days back we were out on a dive up at Makalawena and the moment we entered the water we were greeted with the sounds of whale songs. A couple minutes later I heard the dolphin sounds and looked over my head to find this pod approaching. On the first clip the dophins were right there, this is zoomed out wide, they were probably within 5-8 feet of me at one point. It was a pretty good sized pod and I was lucky enough to be carrying a camera, I think this is the first dive shots of dolphins I have.

We've been real busy with charters this month, busiest February in at least a couple of years, if ever, for us. Next month is looking good at this point and Pat and I are working on a plan to open the shop portion of our Kona dive business for regular hours on weekends starting about the middle of next month. It'll take a while, but eventually we'll have the shop open full time - it's by appointment or luck at this point as we're open around our charter schedule.

I'm in the shop today for a half day, I've got a manta ray night dive night dive meeting up at 3:15 this afternoon. Last night they apparently had 10 mantas up at Garden Eel Cove, hopefully it'll be another great show tonight.




Andrew Cooper said...

I have had spinners come by while we were swimming out. I had time to get off a few still shots. Next time I will have to remember to switch to video!

Beautiful animals, such a treat. And pretty common along the Kona and Koahala coast.

Steve said...

I finally figured out that when it comes to critters that are here and gone in a blink, video gives you a decent shot at getting something interesting to look at, it's a bit less of a challenge at any rate.

Thomas Holloway said...

Dolphins are so playful. You should of played the bandanna game with them.