Friday, February 12, 2010

Turtles from Hawaii...

We had some big surf roll in Wednesday afternoon. We did a couple of nice dives Wednesday morning and the swell was starting to pick up pretty good by the end of the second dive. Thursday was kind of nasty, today's not quite as bad but still nothing I'd like to dive in if I had the choice. We didn't have anything scheduled for today, if we had we'd have probably gone and given Pawai Bay a looksee before calling the trip, it's a nice place to tuck into and still get a good couple of dives in much of the time in the winter.

Looking at the surf charts, it looks like it'll be better tomorrow and decent from Sunday onward for a bit. One of the nice things about Kona diving is that if you have a few rough days, it can be nice diving pretty much the next day. We have limited amounts of sand, and virtually no soil at the shoreline, so the swell just needs to drop enough to let whatever's in the water settle out and we're back to great viz. I've seen it go from basically undiveable to flat with 80' plus viz overnight here... tough to beat.

Here's a shot of a couple turtles I took on a shore dive in Maui (yeah, they got diving too... personally I prefer Kona) a few years back. I've borrowed on of my wife's older cameras and housings, but the LCD is so small I can't see the settings underwater very well and I've yet to spend the time topside to get familiar enough with the buttons to do it on the fly. The newer cameras are so nice with their larger LCD screens. I've got my eye on a couple different cameras, but that purchase will wait 'til later in the spring or summer for now. I need to just sit down and play with the camera for 20 minutes and I'd feel comfortable carrying it in case we bump into something special.

Currently my next scheduled charter is Monday, so I'm hanging out at the dive shop all weekend to see if I get any walk ins.

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