Thursday, January 21, 2010

A quick note.... Been scuba diving some this month...

I'm hanging out at the office again today, but I have charters tomorrow afternoon/eve, Saturday, Monday, Tuesday we've got double charters (am and night) so we're keeping fairly busy for now. My cash register arrived the other day, gotta figure out how to program it now.

The water's amazingly warm for January. We've been seeing 78 degrees - it's much more comfortable than the 72 or thereabouts we had last January. The whales are out in increasing numbers now, we're hearing them sing on a significant portion of the dives. I hope this is the year I finally get to see one underwater... Bob and Cathy have been hogging all the fun the last couple of years... it's a rare and exciting event when it does happen.

I'm on an old laptop I carry to the shop with me, so I don't have new photos to post, I'm trying to link a photo from some time ago on the blog... if it worked you're seeing a school of yellow tangs and whitespotted surgeons grazing on the reef. Surgeons/tangs are herbivores and pick algae off the coral, keeping everything nice and healthy. ....Ah, it seems there's a sizing issue with the photo I don't understand, still works anyway.




Pua said...

Your fish in your scuba diving photo reminds me of the ones I see when snorkeling the reefs of Mauna Kea Beach. Yellow tangs, humuhumunukunukuapuaas (not in your photo) and puffer fish belong to my favorite fish when snorkeling on the Kona Kohala Coast.

Wishing you a good year with many Hawaii visitors joining you on your awesome scuba diving tours.

Aloha Pua
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Steve said...

Thanks Pua,