Friday, January 08, 2010

Happy New Year!!! We've started ours with some big surf....

I hadn't posted in quite a while... been getting inquiries about that, thanks... We've been real busy with dive charters since about the 15th of December.

Wednesday we canceled our charter because of this (the picture above). I took this photo out at the keiki tide pool out at the natural energy lab. It's a cool spot to go and watch waves crash. I took this shot Wednesday morning BEFORE the big west surf peaked. It's still big and it's now Friday morning. Pretty much the only dive companies going out are the real big boats. I'm torn, as it's possible to get in and out of the harbor if you time it... but basically you are stuck down in Pawai bay with crummy diving conditions and I can't see forcing passengers to go or pay a cancellation fee. My litmus test for cancellations is sort of, if it's a day that my wife and I would be irritated about having to pay to dive on, I can't see not at least giving customers the option of canceling their dives. Generally when I offer people an out, they take it - the one time I can recall anyone insisting we're going (former scuba instructor on the east coast) even after we got out on the water and I offered to turn around, that individual spent most of the charter throwing up... not sure how much fun they had.

I'm hoping we're back to dive-able conditions tomorrow. We're supposed to get another big swell coming on the weekend, hopefully it will be more from the north than the west - it's the west swells that really wreak havoc with the diving here.



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