Monday, January 11, 2010

Hanging out at the new "dive shop" in Kona....

January and February are typically slow charter months, so I'll be spending every day I'm not on charter down at Wanna Dive's office. I've got nothing on the books for a few days, looks like the surf's gonna be up pretty big anyways, so I'll be hanging out at the "shop" noon to five at least the next several days.

On a personal note, my puffy knee from yesterday has un-puffed and feels fine. Hopefully I can keep excercising a bit harder during the slow season here. I tend to do nothing physical outside of the charters once we get going out every day.

So the "shop" is pretty much ready to show off publicly these days. Here's the latest photos of the interior. I don't have a ton of money to throw at it, but I've got a growing selection of dive related accessories hanging on the walls now. As I slowly fill it up and the boat business season picks up I'll hopefully be able to man it full time. For now I'll be in there whenever we don't have a charter going out. Feel free to drop by between noon and 5, although it's more like 4 and 5pm when I have charters, so you might consider calling ahead. I'll be closed Superbowl Sunday, otherwise it's either the shop or the charter every day 'til Pat and I take a few days off in late May that we're trying to plan.

Edit: A friend pointed out I didn't say where the office is... you can find it across the highway from Honokohau Harbor immediately above the Tesoro gas station. I hesitate to give out the address, I don't take mail there and most of the GPS units/phones won't pinpoint it at all (someone told me their's was quite a bit off, they saw the gas station though as they drove past and came back and found it right away), and street addresses don't make sense to most people as they're not set up the same as on the mainland and few buildings have street numbers on them. Google maps will ballpark it pretty good, the address is 74-5035 Queen Kaahumanu Highway ste 1b.




Laura said...

Wow, the shop looks great! I'm looking forward to checking it out next time I'm in Kona.

Steve said...

Thanks Laura!

Susan said...

Very nice looking shop--hope you're still there next time I make it to the BI (which may be years & years with this economy). I wanna buy a t-shirt, and I don't dive! Snorkeling's my game since I have chronic sinus/asthma problems. Love your site, visitor for about 3 years now I think.

Steve said...

Thanks Susan!