Sunday, January 04, 2009

So here's a weird story....

Back in the fall, I think around early October, Pat told me I needed to stop in at Border's books to pick up a copy of the second season of Heroes while they were on sale that weekend. I picked up the copy and went to the register. In line the guy next to me reminded me of someone I grew up watching on TV as a teenager and beyond but hadn't seen since the mid-90's. You know how some people really look like someone and this guy was practically the spitting image of a rather famous person back in the day. I finally said to him "you look just like so-and so did a decade or two back, do you ever get that?" or something to that effect, he replied he gets that from time to time. So then, more thinking to myself, I said out loud "is he still alive?" and then as I was leaving Border's I thought, gosh that's a rude thing to say, that person's probably out there living a great retired life right now. Anyway, I'd forgotten about that 'til recently.

Here's a picture of a female Marbled Shrimp (Saron marmoratus, the males look different, they have really long arms/claws. These are one fuzzy shrimp. I dove today for the first time in 6 weeks or so due to whatever I've had going on. It was great getting back in the water, although I was really surprised at how cold the water was when I dove the mooring ball.... brrrrrr.... it's four or five degrees cooler than last time.

Here's another weird story. I had the day off about a week or so before Christmas and I was watching the Bonnie Hunt show. She had Tim Conway on and it was a delightful segment. At the end Bob Newhart shows up pushing a cake out as it apparently was Tim Conway's birthday. So here's Bonnie Hunt, she's all a-twitter about being surrounded by two legends of the comedy world. I'm thinking I could understand that, she must be pretty excited. She was standing there next to both of these gentlemen and said it's great to have both of them on the show, then Bob Newhart said something along the lines that he figured he needed to get out more... he was standing in line a few weeks back at a Borders and the guy next to him said "you know, you look like "him" and that he said he gets that from time to time, then the guy said "is he still alive?"


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