Saturday, January 10, 2009

Book review... Hawai'i's Fishes - a guide for snorkelers and and divers - second edition by John Hoover

I've mentioned in the past that the first edition of this book was terrific. Last year, John Hoover left a comment on this post that he'd put out a new edition. I had to run down to Costco to pick up a copy, but Amazon did not have it available so I never reviewed it. I haven't looked in quite some time, but it's definitely available outside of Hawaii nowadays. This is it:

This is an upgrade from the first edition... more species, more pictures, and good pictures of juvenile and adult stages of species that change appearance during their lives.

I'd highly recommend this book for a guide to Hawaiian fish.... but check out this next post as I'll quickly review an even more recent book by John Hoover that you might be tempted by (if you can't find the post following this one, check the archives for January '09 or just click on the "book review" in the label tag below this post).



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John Hoover said...

Hi Steve, here's why the 2nd ed. does not appear on Amazon and perhaps never will: The publisher did not give it a new ISBN (International Standard Book Number). Amazon, libraries, etc. use the ISBN as a unique identifier in their databases, thus they will never show the new edition until it gets a unique ISBN. However, if someone orders Hawaii's Fishes from Amazon, they will definitely get the 2nd ed. - John