Tuesday, January 20, 2009

So does anyone out there "get" Facebook and other social networking sites? I just put up a page for my Kona scuba diving biz....

When I've gone to DEMA (the big dive manufacturer and marketing show) the last couple of years I've sat through a couple of seminars. Nearly all of the marketing related ones mentioned "social networking sites are the one of the new hot marketing tools" or something to that effect. I set up a myspace page after one of those seminars a couple of years back, and that held my interest for all of the length of time it took to sign up... I just couldn't "get" it. Even though my wife says I often act 13-15 years old, I just didn't feel comfortable in there right off the bat.

Well, after some deliberation, and a trial personal page, I've set up a Facebook page for "Wanna Dive Kona". I figure at some point I'll figure out what I'm doing with the Facebook page and maybe down the line it'll pay off to some extent. Anyway, if any of you are Facebook members, drop in and check it out. So far I'm the only "fan" - kind of embarrassing, but I doubt these things take off overnight. I try to keep any real updates I have with the business current here, but I might as well do the same there and potentially reach some other people I'm not reaching through my other efforts.

So here's a cool photo that Pat took. It's a Tiger Moray (Scuticaria tigrina). We don't see them out all that often. I've seen far more body parts through the coral than heads sticking out looking around over the years. This one was pretty active for daytime. The larger ones often look half dead, just plain don't move around a lot during the day. These guys are more roundish than the typical moray we have here, not much of a pronounced dorsal or anal fin, and look more snakelike - people occasionally ask if we have large sea snakes here, this is one of the eels they're seeing that make them wonder.

Surf should be down... bummer, I had charters when it was up that didn't go out. I'm hoping to get some phone calls now that the surf's back down to reasonable levels for diving.




Pua said...

Well, Steve, it seems surfers' luck is divers' misery. Hope that the big winter ocean waves show some mercy with you and the passionate divers soon. This is what they come to Hawaii for on vacation - see the all the wonderful ocean creatures, like the eel in your photo.

Good luck. Aloha Pua 'Best Hawaii Vacation' blog

Steve said...

Everybody's back to diving for at least a few days it appears. January and February can be a bit bumpy at times.



KelliOnSaipan said...

Steve, Harry and I are on facebook, it's been a good chance to catch up with old friends. If you search for our names - Kelli Blalock, Harry Blalock - you'll be able to find our sites, but I'll stop in and check yours out too. Best of luck.

icancarryallthebagsandthebabiestoo said...

I really like Facebook, but not so much myspace. I find facebook easy to navigate and enjoy that it's a little more private by nature than myspace is. It also feels more grown up to me.

I use it for networking often. It's been very helpful.

Harry Blalock said...

Hi Steve,
I've become an official fan, so your numbers are taking off! And yes, it's a very good idea for someone in your line of work. Good luck with it.

Steve said...

Thanks for the comments. It'll be curious to see if/how the facebook thing pays off down the line.



Anonymous said...

Coincidentally, I received a Facebook invitation from a cousin the same day as your post. I don't already have a Facebook account, and didn't really want to set one up just to view other people's pages. I have enough of a challenge keeping my blog updated and didn't want to repeat everything somewhere else. And the darned code words are too hard to read! I'll be relying on your blog for the news.

Steve said...

I'd actually looked you up a week back to see if you were on there just for grins. Those code words are nutty, tough to tell what the letters are a good part of the time.