Sunday, January 25, 2009

Man Versus Food... Finally, a TV show that inspires me....

I've sort of been batch'n' it for a few days... Pat's off in Texas visiting family. It's been slow, lotsa bookings for later but this week's been slow so I probably could've joined her for this trip. We've been Skyping (Skype is a free online video conferencing service and if you have a fast connection and a vidcam you practically owe it to yourself to join up if you have friends or family who also have the vidcam and fast connection) the last couple of days, and she's mentioned they've had some food at/from Fuad's in Texarkana... yum yum, I'm jealous, he can cook up some good food.

Anyway, today I watched a few episodes of "Man Versus Food" on the Travel Channel. That job would've been a perfect job for me back when I was 28. I'm on the tail end of my significant eating abilities these days. He visited places in several cities that intrigue me.... Now I'm interested in going to Atlanta to try Gladys Knight's Chicken and Waffle place (sorry, no link) and the Vortex Bar and Grill, and to Memphis to try the Kooky Canuk, formerly called the Bigfoot Lodge and to the Boston area to try the Barking Crab and to Pittsburgh to try Primanti Brothers and DeLuca's (sorry, no link), as well as Amarillo to try The Salt Lick Barbeque and Coyote Bluff Cafe as well as to Austin to go to visit Juan in a Million,.... it's not that I want to plan my vacations around food, but these places sound interesting.... let's face it, if the food sucks the vacation might not rate as high.

The host of the show likes to take on food challenges (his Eagle's Deli challenge looks fabulous, but I'd be stuck when it comes to the fries... I saw one or two that I'd still have a chance at today, but for the most part I'm almost over eating more than four pounds of food at one sitting unless it's something I really like (last night I kind of broke that barrier with fried chicken).

Anyway, this show inspires me. We're hosting a superbowl party for our neighbors and a few dive friends next week and I'm really wanting to try cooking up some deep fried turkey tails (I didn't know anyone sold turkey tails, but the store up the hill has them) and putting them out there with all the wings, chili, chips, salsa and other garbage we have planned to see if anyone tries them (no turkey tails were on the show... just sounded good and fatty).

Here's a closeup shot of a Titan Scorpion (Scorpaenopsis cacopsis) by Pat. These guys are so camouflaged that you miss them most of the time.



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Eating The Road said...

Man I can vouch for Coyote Bluff Cafe (and Juan in a Million)!