Saturday, July 21, 2007

Gorgeous hurricane weather today....

Here's a couple of views from up the hill this afternoon. It's quite nice today. Everyone's been keeping an eye on what was at one time Hurricane Cosme. I think it's currently classified as a tropical depression and is located well south of the island.

We occasionally get inquiries about hurricanes, more specifically we get inquiries about avoiding "hurricane season"... while technically we do have a hurricane season here, they usually have little to no effect on Kona itself. Hurricanes in our part of the world tend to develop in the eastern Pacific, off Mexico or Central America and then head west in our direction. They tend to peter out for the most part by the time they get here as they swing over cooler water as they approach us. Oftentimes when they do reach here they swing south or north around the Big Island... something to do with a 13,000 foot high wall (Mauna Loa)redirects them a bit usually. The east side of the island does seem to get plenty of rain, wind and surf, but Kona tends to sit in the shadow of the mountain and gets very little activity. I've only seen rain or wind from a named storm maybe once in the 8+ seasons I've been here. Today it's sunny, calm and flat out on the water.

So something's gone awry with my little Olympus sp-350 camera. It started a couple outings ago and is definitely a problem now. The flash is only operating intermittantly. I noticed it wasn't working as I blew a bunch of easy shots, tried looking at it and taking a shot and nothing happened, readjusted it, took a few more dark photos, readjusted it again and pointed it towards myself to see if it's working - it did, but only for this shot. It still isn't working properly otherwise. Pat liked the shot, especially since it makes me look, in her judgement, about 70 pounds heavier than I actually am.



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