Sunday, July 22, 2007


We just had an earthquake about 5 minutes ago... and it lasted about as long as the title of this post, one nice little pop, maybe a fraction of a second but strong enough to know it wasn't our dog falling over (she's getting up there in age and sometimes trips up). It's the first one I've felt in a few months. Here's the link - - The red square (if you read this today or tomorrow) just south of Ho'okena is the one.

Gotta hit the hay, I have to be up about 6 tomorrow to get to an early charter.

Good night.



mueja said...

Hi, i love hawaii

Pua said...

aloha steve,
like your kona scuba diving blog, so i thought my hawaii blog readers will like it too. i could not resist to do a little free advertising for you on our 1st anniversary blog post

please, stay in touch. have fun blogging about hawaii. looking forward to hearing from you on my blog. in the spirit of aloha, pua