Sunday, January 07, 2007

Still alive, haven't posted in a while.....


Christmas season had us real busy with charters every day and chasing down boat parts. I had the boat in the shop the last few days to have all the shifting linkages repaired/replaced. That's on top of gettting a new carburetor. Boats are fun.

Right now I'm rying to deal with my main website... if you see a white border around the blog and no background photos on the header, the website (not the blog, it has a different service provider) is down. My normal background comes directly from my website, so if it's not up, I know the website is down without checking directly. The last couple of weeks something attacked my e-mail server and I've been unable to receive or send messages regularly.. not good for biz. I've been back and forth with tecnical support from my provider and they seem to get everything working for a few minutes and then it dies again. If you've attempted to contact me in the last couple of weeks and not heard back, my apologies, I've got to figure out something different 'til my server is back up.

No photo this time, just a brief update. I'll have more time for posting shortly.



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