Friday, January 12, 2007

Big tsunami watch in Hawaii tonight.

Hi there,

I've been getting phone calls from friends with boats giving me a heads up over the tsunami watch we have this evening. There was an earthquake off Japan tonight and everyone is watching to see if there is a tsunami heading our way. If, and that's a pretty big "If", there's a tsunami it'd likely hit around 12:30 this morning. I've got about another hour or so to decide whether to make the trip into town to try to find a spot to move my boat uphill from the harbor. So far the type of surge they are talking wouldn't have an effect where the boat is parked, but if there's anything likely to make it this far it's probably a good idea to move it anyway.

It's likely to be busy down at the harbor around 10-11 tonight. I've got friends who live down at the coast by Kealakekua Bay who are packing as we speak with plans to move everything up the hill a ways later tonight if they do say something's coming our way.

The picture above is of a Freckled Snake Eel (Callechelys luteus). These guys are out in the sand flats and they keep just their heads out of the sand. They are tough to spot even if you are looking specifically for them. They are very shy and usually appear to be hyperventilating as you approach. If you get close enough to get a good look, they pull back under the sand. They're tough to get a shot of, this is about as good as I'll be able to do with my setup.



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