Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Yummy.... Mango!

This is our resident kitchen Day Gecko. Pat found out some time ago that it really digs dried mango, so we leave a litte piece out for it and spritz it down with a little water every now and then so it can lick away at it to it's heart's content.

It's still windy as all get out on the water today. The cruise ship that came into town today turned right around. I suspect that's also why I saw one heading south yesterday morning... probably on it's way to Fanning Island (due to the Jone's Act, foreign flagged vessels are required to visit a foreign port at some point during thier tour here) a day early. We usually only have a handful of days in the winter the water's so rough the cruise ships can't tender.




Anonymous said...

Hey Steve........have enjoyed the past few HOURS going thru your blog.......great pics and lots of information! Very interesting! My husband and I will be in Kona NEXT January for a few weeks.....will have to look you up for some dive trips.......

Steve said...

Thanks for the comment. I hope to see you next year!



poojitha said...

hello i have seen a completely green geko in seychelles