Sunday, December 17, 2006

Brrr it's getting cold... We've had some rain, so there might be some snow tonight up the mountain.

Today we saw 59 degrees in the early morning at our place. We have a rather large sloppy ocean swell today and the water temperature was at 77... winter's coming. Viz was down to about as bad as it gets here... say 20-30 feet in the shallower portions of the dive, but on an upbeat note, there were several turtles being actively cleaned at Turtle Pinnacle today. The surf should improve over the next couple of days, the water temp will continue to slowly drop for a couple of months.

Tomorrow we've got a pool session, and then later in the afternoon I've got to get together with the mechanic and do some adjusting on the new carburetor we had installed last week (running rough right now, but should be a quick fix, boats are so much fun) to make sure everythings in order before it gets screaming busy - the busy season seems to hit around the 20th-22nd of December, depending on which day Christmas falls.

The underwater photo above is of a Zebra Moray (Gymnomuraena zebra). I may have already posted this pic somewhere on this blog, sorry if it's a repeat but I just don't feel like looking back through all the archives tonight (but you are more than welcome to look through the archives - linked on the side bar to the right - and see if it's a repeat). These guys are always a thrill to come across. They don't come out in the open all that often, more often than not we will see their tails somewhere in a hole in a lobe coral and not be able to find their head.



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