Thursday, January 18, 2007

Underwater housings for digital cameras....

One question that we get frequently on our dive charters is about underwater housings for digital cameras. In many cases you do not need to purchase a dedicated underwater camera. Many manufacturers make housings for their cameras, as well as several aftermarket companies who make housings for various camera lines. You can often find a housing for a camera you already have, or you may find one available for one you want to get so you have a camera you can use both above and below the waterline. With a little research on your part, you can often find a camera and housing combination that will cost you less than a dedicated underwater camera AND may be more versatile than the typical prepackaged underwater cameras.

If you already have a camera, you can go to
which has a large listing of cameras and whether there are housings available for those cameras. There are several online companies who stock housings for various camera manufactures and Amazon sells underwater housings as well. Just be sure that when you choose a housing, you are picking a housing made specifically for the camera you are going to use. If you can't find a housing for your particular camera, be sure to check the digideep link I posted earlier.



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