Monday, January 16, 2006

Went scuba diving today...

...just for fun.

I've had a couple of days off so I decided to head on down to the Place of Refuge and take a few photos. Nothing really turned out quite like I wanted it to, which is kind of a bummer as I did see some neat stuff - multiple turtles, an eagle ray, anthias, cleaner shrimp. I did get a keeper of a sea cucumber I'll likely post some day. Conditions were excellent - very good viz, temperature is down to about 75 these days though.

I'm finishing off cleaning the vacation rental this afternoon for tenants coming in tonight and getting some other chores done today as several of the next days are booked for the boat. We're supposed to have a monster swell coming in tomorrow. I'll be watching the news tonight to see what happened in Oahu today. I'm hoping Oahu and Maui get the brunt of it and we are shaded - it all depends on the direction of the swell.

Here's some Heller's Barracuda (hope I haven't posted these before, I didn't take time to look back and between this blog and my website I'm starting to get mixed up on what I posted where). They are a harmless barracuda that hang out in large schools. They tend to group up in a doughnut shape (round with a hole in the middle). This is a pic I took before understanding manual white balance, I had to put it into grayscale to really look OK, I'll try to get a decent full color photo some day (although it may not look much different as they are a silver fish).




Angel said...

How that is a wonderful picture. I like the pictures you have on this blog!

Found you on BE!

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