Sunday, January 29, 2006

Not a whole lot going on the last couple of days.

I do have a charter in the morning, but otherwise much of the last several days has been maintenance type of things. Re-up the boat biz insurance and commercial ramp permits, do some maintenance on the boat, replace the stereo in the vacation rental, replace our over the stove microwave (large ants had moved into the electronics and it started going off and on rapidly and repeately on it's own, one of the prices of living in paradise is living with bugs and geckos, last year a gecko crawled into our laserjet and fried the machine) and such.

The rain we had I mentioned earlier lasted about a day and a half. It apparently dumped a fair amount of snow on at least one of the mountains, I haven't been out and about to check it out though. One of these years I need to get the obligatory doofy guy (me) in a swimsuit in the snow in Hawaii photo.

Today we had lunch at Senor Billy's, I beleive I've mentioned it before, the nice little mexican place up the hill. I had their "big ass burrito special" (actually two of them) for $3.99. I was surprised to find it really was fairly big and a good deal by any standards, I wouldn't have ordered two if I had believed them (my idea of big is usually bigger than most) ahead of time. I was quite full for the day. While I'm on the topic of food... I mentioned the Phillysophical Deli in a "biggest burger" post a couple of months back - Sad news, the owner passed away a few nights ago. I'm not sure what this does to the restaurant, it's been closed with wreaths on the door the last couple of days.

I played with the blog a bit to give it some more color and keep it from looking exactly like every other blog using this same template. I hope it isn't too irritating. Here's a Sailfin Tang. They're not super common, but if you keep an eye open for them you might notice them while snorkeling or diving at places like the Place of Refuge.




Kris in Hawaii said...

Do you mean SeƱor Billy's. Steve, I'll never go in there again. After two bad experiences, and hearing how rudely they treated mys sister once, I just can't give them a another chance.

I was sorry I never got into the PD before the owner died. We passed by the memorial they were having on Sunday. Very sad. The paper did not mention what GG died of.

We've also had ant nests in the electronics!! Ther perils of paradise!!

Steve said...

Oops, gotta edit that.. Senor Billy's. (How do you put a tilda over the "n"?) It changed hands a couple years back and went from mediocre fast food to a sit down restaurant.

We've always been treated very well there and the food is very quick and good. There was one cook there who acted very unprofessional when Pat mentioned there was no green sauce on here chile verde enchiladas once, I haven't seen her there since.