Monday, January 02, 2006

Nice day on the water.

We did a couple of dives today. I lead the second one. Highlights of the dive for me were a trio of Bandit Angels, 2 different flame angels (a smaller one at 60' and one that's a fairly reliable sight at a spot in 22' or so) a white tip shark, a group of 8 firedart fish, lots of blue trevally and a group of 3 Bigeye Jacks which I rarely have noticed. The boat which was leaving the mooring reported seeing a manta ray on their dive.

Here's a mediocre picture of one of the Bandit Angels. They weren't cooperative today. I've see some that you could approach to within a foot or two, these ones were tough to get within 5 feet of. Hopefully some day I'll have a real good shot of them, but this will give you an idea of what they are like. Hawaii has 4 species of angel fish that we frequently (if we are lucky) see - Flame, Bandit, Fisher's, Potter's - of which the Potter's is by far the most common. The Bandit, topping out at about 7 inches, is the only species of relatively large angel fish we have here, the others are considered to be dwarf angel fish, maxing out at roughly 2-4 inches depending on the species.

Tomorrow I have both morning and evening charters planned. My day should start around 7am and at around 10pm or so. So far Wednesday is planned to be a day off, unless I get calls.

Have a good evening.


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