Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Turtle cleaning station video?

Ok, this is an experiment....

I took some video with my digital camera, not super high quality, but enough to give you an idea of what I see from time to time. If this works, you'll be able to see a video of one of the turtle cleaning stations I've been talking about. There were 6 or 7 turtles in the area this particular day, 4 are on the video. Not a whole lot of cleaning was going on at the time, but you'll see some of it.

Free video hosting, video codes at www.vidiLife.com

Cool, it looks as though this works, at least on IE - if any of you are on other browsers, feel free to let me know if this works. This opens up a whole lot of possibilities!




bozette said...

Very nice.
I am viewing it with Firefox.

Bill said...

That's great...almost like being there.

Steve said...


Kris in Hawaii said...

I can see it with both Netscape and Firefox. Very very cool, Steve!

Anonymous said...

So beautiful! And peaceful. Must be incredible diving in HI, thanks for the clip.