Thursday, January 19, 2006

Dancing with the stars....

OK, I threw that title in there as an experiment to see if I get clicks on this specific post strictly based on the title. When I first heard of the show, I thought to myself, "how lame can television get?", but I gotta admit I am strangely compelled to watch that show if it's on and I'm home (it's on tonight) ... could it be because ballroom dance class was one of the better grades I got in college?

Back to Kona and diving. We had an even bigger little earthquake yesterday over off the east side of the island yesterday, it was a 4.7 and apparently it was only felt on the Kona side depending on where you were at the time. I was on the "highway" ( what passes as a highway here on the west side of the island - two lanes, one each direction) so I didn't feel it, my wife Pat didn't feel it at the hospital either, but others elsewhere in the area did.

I had charters the last two days with a fun group who've been diving together off and on for years. It's aways a kick to be with a laid back group of people who know each other, not that every other day isn't fun too. We're planning on an afternoon/evening charter tomorrow.

Here's a pair of reticulated cowries. You sometimes find them this close together, but not often. If you find one, look around, you might find another within a few feet away in a crack in the rock. Many cowries mate for life. It is important that if you find one and you feel you want a souvenir, if you are a person who picks things up, not to move it. Cowries follow their mate's slime trail, if you pick it up and don't put it down in the exact same spot, you may have broken up a happy couple. I try to avoid picking up cowries that haven't obviously moved on to the great sea shell home in the sky.




Kris in Hawaii said...

How interesting about the mating habits of the cowries. And how neat to see them alive in their native environment! We usually only see their washed up shells. Glad to see you encourage responsible diving practices. I always liked that philosophy: "take only photos, leave only bubbles."

Monster swell coming? Oh no, we wanted to paddle tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

But be careful HOW you make those bubbles!

Steve said...