Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Wow, an entire month without a post...

February was kind of wierd. The first 8 days or so were terrifically busy, double charters, am charters and pm teaching... ect... Then it was about 5-6 days of miserably sick, with pretty much the same thing I had back in late November/early December, followed by two weeks of caughing and lack of motivation. I'm just now getting to where I can clear my ears most of the time. We've been running some charters, I hate it when it's slow, but it happened at the right time. Starting this weekend we're off to the races with spring break hitting.

Today is pricing day at the shop. Stickers are going on everything I've brought in the last couple of months. I may be hiring one more person in the next week or so, still gotta interview some people that responded to my ad that I put off because I couldn't even hold a conversation without going into a hacking fit. Sometime very soon the shop will be open 9-6 daily. I'll be making up for my lack of posting bigtime once we're open.



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