Friday, March 11, 2011

The main surge has supposedly passed, evacuation has been lifted on most of the Big Island except for north and south Kona...

This tsunami did cause some damage to a couple of areas. We were thinking about going to Splashers for dinner tonight, not sure if that'll happen. You'll see what I mean if you can get on facebook and look around for tsunami pictures. I've taken the liberty of forwarding some shots others have taken on my Wanna Dive Kona facebook page. The road damage is right by the pier in town between the pier and Splashers. There are other pics out there showing the area to be a bit flooded. It also looks as though the King Kam beach took a hit. Facebook has turned out to be one of the best sources of information on this event when it comes to finding damage, lots of the pure informational stuff (closures and openings) isn't necessarily accurate though according to the radio I was listening to earlier.

They've got crews in assessing damage and cleaning up road debris on Alii Drive. Hopefully it'll all be clear at some point today. Apparently 2 homes in the Keauhou area were showing damage according to the radio, and 3 homes surrounding Manini beach, down the road from my house, were obliterated by a surge that happened around 5 or 6am. I heard through the grapevine that the surge was pushing 15 feet high down around Manini beach. Napo'opo'o road is closed down by the coffee company about two thirds the way down at this point.

The main highway into town was packed this morning at 8 (I was coming back from spending the night at the shop) with people waiting for the evacuation order to be lifted.

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