Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I'm testing the video from my phone on blogger

I picked up a new htc thunderbolt cellphone that I'm having fun with . it has voice recognition so I'm trying to do this without typing as much as possible .


I Are Diver said...

I'm currently using an Intova, i really like it. It's simple, watertight and makes a nice surface camera too.

In decent viz it's spot on. It struggles a little in UK murky waters but in Egypt etc it was fantastic.

Not so expensive that if it flood you'll want to kill yourself either! :)

Steve said...

Thanks for the feedback. I charged mine up to use the other day, and for some reason the battery was dead just hours later befor I even used it... confusing... I must've left something turned on. I'll get in the water with it sometime soon.