Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We were rained on today....

A big front came through the state today. They had a flash flood warning for the Big Island. For us that basically meant drizzle for much of the day, other parts may have had more rain, I haven't seen the rainfall totals for the state but Kona wasn't hit all that hard. Generally we see very little rain out on the ocean in Kona, rains typically fall on the mountains.

The water's really flattened out. Yesterday was flat with a light breeze, we decided to head way up north, closer to the Four Seasons resort area than Kailua, to one of our favorite sites to dive it with some divers who've been return customers with us for a while. We only get up there a few times a year, but the conditions were right yesterday. Highlights of the dive were... everything! It's a very nice dive site. The divers did manage to find 2 young frogfish, which only topped off a great dive. After that dive we headed back and went to Pyramid Pinnacle (and several other names) for a very nice dive. It features several swimthroughs, several pinnacles and plenty of nice topography, as well as a bunch of fish and invertebrate species.

The picture above was of a puffer fish hanging out in one of the caves at Pyramid Pinnacle.

Today it was nearly mirror-pond flat at Pawai Bay. Along with the rain came a north wind that basically sent us down that way as we had intro dives today and wanted flat water. We got the flat water we wanted and had great viz for our dives at two sites in the bay.



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